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Cooling System


Faulty belts and hoses are one of the cheapest fixes that, if left unchecked, can have terrible consequences. A faulty belt or hose can cause you to lose steering, lose your car’s electronics, or cause your engine to overheat. Each car has a different recommended interval for replacing belts and hoses. Replacing a few belts pales in comparison to losing an entire engine.


Without a functional radiator, our cars and trucks wouldn’t go a half-mile without overheating. If you see your engine temperature gauge start creeping up, bring your vehicle in. You might simply be low on radiator fluid. Maybe you need a radiator flush to remove rust and corrosive elements hindering your vehicle’s cooling systems. Maybe there’s a leak in your radiator or hoses that needs fixing. The point is that your car can be overheating for any number of these reasons. If you see the gauge creeping up or, unfortunately, see steam coming out from under the hood, get your car to our shop and we’ll make sure you don’t overheat your engine beyond repair.


Across your vehicle, there are a number of
systems that rely on lubricative, coolant, and hydraulic fluid to keep your car going. Over time, these fluids will break down, become dirty and contaminated, or simply run dry and will need to be flushed and replaced.


Not much is as annoying as seeing the signs of a leak under your car and not knowing where it is coming from. Don’t keep scratching your head. Bring your vehicle in and let us diagnose the source of the leak before it does costly damage to your vehicle.


You radiator is the key part of your vehicle’s cooling system. It prevents your engine from overheating and damaging key components. If your vehicle is overheating, or if you notice steam coming from under your engine, we recommend you bring it in immediately. Oftentimes, coolant problems are easy fixes but if left unchecked, can cause major damage.


The water pump is an integral part of your vehicle’s coolant system and uses an impeller to circulate water and coolant through the system to prevent the engine from overheating. Eventually, the components in your water pump will fail. If you see your engine temperature starting to rise, bring your vehicle in and let us diagnose the exact problem.

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