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shutterstock_110247845ALIGNMENT & STEERING

Notice that your vehicle is pulling to the left or the right, even when the wheel is straight? You’re probably in need of an alignment. Something as natural as driving down dirt roads or over potholes (which Colorado has many of) can knock your steering out of alignment. If you take your Jeep or 4x4 off-roading, your steering will need a realignment more frequently than someone’s daily driver.


Most car trouble can be prevented or delayed through scheduled maintenance. We keep a profile of all of our customers, complete with the date of each service. Every car and truck is different and as a result, maintenance schedules vary. We will tailor your maintenance schedule to your specific make and model to maximize performance and longevity.


Tires are expensive. Whether you have large 35s on your four-wheeler or highway tires on your daily-drive, people are always surprised at just how much tires cost. The easiest way to prolong tire-life and get the best bang-for-your-buck is to rotate your tires. Whether your vehicle is rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive,  the tires on that axle will receive a disproportionate amount of wear compared to the others. Rotating your tires ensures that the tires wear evenly, prolonging their lifespan and giving you a smoother ride.


Your engine’s timing belt, or timing chain, is responsible for ensuring that your engine’s valves open and close at the proper time, synced to each cylinder’s intake and exhaust strokes. Over time, the teeth on this belt will begin to wear and can mess with your engine’s timing, affecting both performance and fuel efficiency.


The vast majority of breakdowns in your vehicle are caused by friction and windshield wipers are no exception. The lifespan of your wipers will depend on weather and use (Tip: Don’t run windshield wipers over an icy windshield!). Having wiper blades that are worn down can impede your visibility during storms and make it harder to drive safely. We stock the most popular sizes of wiper blades for purchase and we would be happy to install them for you.

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