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shutterstock_119159374BELTS & HOSES

Faulty belts and hoses are one of the cheapest fixes that, if left unchecked, can have terrible consequences. A faulty belt or hose can cause you to lose steering, lose your car’s electronics, or cause your engine to overheat. Each car has a different recommended interval for replacing belts and hoses. Replacing a few belts pales in comparison to losing an entire engine.


Everyone drives differently and, as a result, everyone’s brakes will wear at different intervals. If you go too long without replacing brake pads, you can cause irreparable damage to the rotors (the metal discs behind the brake pads). If you think your brakes are on their way out, or if you hear the telltale squeaking when you pull up to a stop-light, bring them in and we’ll replace your brakes before any more damage is done.


Have a fleet of vehicles? We are always accepting fleet contracts! Many businesses around town trust us to get their fleet up and running again when they experience breakdowns. We have an excellent reputation in the community and would love to work with you!


Most car trouble can be prevented or delayed through scheduled maintenance. We keep a profile of all of our customers, complete with the date of each service. Every car and truck is different and as a result, maintenance schedules vary. We will tailor your maintenance schedule to your specific make and model to maximize performance and longevity.


Like all pumps and motors, your windshield washer pump will eventually fail and need to be replaced. If you aren’t getting any windshield wiper fluid to spray, even after you refill the tank, you may need to have your pump replaced.


The vast majority of breakdowns in your vehicle are caused by friction and windshield wipers are no exception. The lifespan of your wipers will depend on weather and use (Tip: Don’t run windshield wipers over an icy windshield!). Having wiper blades that are worn down can impede your visibility during storms and make it harder to drive safely. We stock the most popular sizes of wiper blades for purchase and we would be happy to install them for you.

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