Auto mechanic checking car battery voltage

Electrical Services

The electrical components in your vehicle matter just as much as any other part in your car. Bighorn Automotive’s skilled technicians are here to repair or install any electrical or computer needs to keep your car, truck, SUV, or 4×4 running smoothly. 

The alternator is the device inside of the engine that sends electricity to the battery, keeps the battery charged, and powers your vehicle’s onboard computers and electrical systems. One sign your alternator is on its way out is if you see your headlights pulsate and start dimming at night or if electronics, like your radio, work intermittently.

Just because it looks bad, doesn’t mean it necessarily is. Many car troubles can be traced back to a bad battery or a battery on its way out. Bring your vehicle in for us to test your battery and, if necessary, replace it with a new one to get you back on your way.

No one enjoys getting a ticket from a police officer for a broken brake light or tail light. Sometimes, the problem is more than just a blown light bulb. If you’re having trouble with your brake lights or tail lights, bring your vehicle in and we’ll run full diagnostics to identify the problem spots in your car’s electrical system.

Over the past two decades, car engine designs have changed dramatically. So often, people come into the shop asking for a tune-up. Because the engine is controlled by your car’s internal computer, there is little to physically “tune up.” If you can’t get the check engine light to turn off or notice your car is acting sluggish, bring it in, and we’ll run full diagnostics for you.

If your instrument cluster needs to be rebuilt, you can be sure we have you covered. A working speedometer, gas gauge, or any other gauge in your car, truck, SUV, or 4×4 is critical to a well-working vehicle.

It could be a faulty light bulb, or it could be something more complicated in the electrical system. If you need your vehicle’s headlamps replaced or tried replacing them yourself but can’t find the problem, we’ll diagnose it and get your headlights back up and running.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of turning the key and hearing complete silence. There are a number of potential causes behind a vehicle not starting, and we can identify them for you. Over time, your vehicle’s starter will need to be replaced.

The electrical components of your window are some of your automobile’s most used—and abused—components. It takes years of opening and closing windows to wear these components down, but we all know children who can accomplish this much faster! If your windows aren’t opening, closing, or moving slower, bring it in and have us install the necessary new components.

Over time, your windshield wiper motors will fail. This can be accentuated by trying to have your wipers clear inches of wet and heavy Colorado snow off your windshield. A wiper moving slower, or not at all, is a sign the wiper motor needs to be swapped out.